1. noun: a shelter from danger or hardship.
  2. noun: a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced persons.

We like to think of our server as a place of refuge; somewhere free from smacktards.

ASY Arma II OA Server

Project Reality Mini Mod for Battlefield 2

It's been a while since the last news post but this one is needed to inform everyone that the =ASY= clan are currently hooked on the Project Reality Mini Mod.


So now that you know where we've all been, why not download the mod so you can join us :0)

ASY forum update - We've chosen SMF

Simple Machines Forum


We've replaced our old Ikonboard forum with a shiney new Simple Machines Forum.
It should run faster and be more stable, plus it has a lot more modern features.

All your old posts have been kept and your old accounts are there.

EA Rules of Engagement

ROE Overview 

We found the following information very useful when we came to revise our game server rules for our ranked Battlefield 2 server.  We hope that other server admins will find it helpful.

Additionally this this page should show that despite players may not always agree with our rules they do abide by the guidelines that are being enforced by EA.

It is a very interesting read, especially for those of you who have played on servers where you think surely EA wouldn't allow that on a ranked server.

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