1. noun: a shelter from danger or hardship.
  2. noun: a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced persons.

We like to think of our server as a place of refuge; somewhere free from smacktards.

ASY Arma II OA Server

Not just a BF2 clan

Just a quick word to say that we no longer see Battlefield 2 as our main game, and it's probably been this way for a few months now. BF2 is showing its age, and although most of =ASY= still play it on a regular basis we are still looking for the 'next' best thing.

Those of you wishing to join are still very welcome but we just want to make you aware that this BF2 clan are more of a multi-gaming clan now. Other games we play include:

  1. ArmA (Armed Assault)
  2. Supreme Commander
  3. Pro Evolution Soccer
  4. GRAW2
  5. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Las Vegas
  6. World in Conflict

If you have any of these games and are looking for a good bunch to game with then get in touch via our forum or the contact page .

We'll try and update the website's appearance as soon as we can to reflect our diversity.

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