1. noun: a shelter from danger or hardship.
  2. noun: a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced persons.

We like to think of our server as a place of refuge; somewhere free from smacktards.

ASY Arma II OA Server

New ASY Website Launches

New Site is up and running here:
We've restyled it a fair bit and it's not got all of the old content up there but it's a good start.

ASY Home page

Old ASY Site can still be accessed here for the time being.

Jof has used the BFBC2 artwork for most of the designs and then worked in loads of uk flags/grunge images we came up with last time but never got round to using.

This time round we're having a go with the Drupal CMS and so far we're liking it.

Thanks to Junkman for supplying us with the Bad Company 2 server info thing and the steamgroup thingie (his words).

Lots of small things to correct/tidy up and restyle (steamgroup is one that springs to mind) but it's all functional.

If you wish to create an account for yourself we'll get round to creating ASY Member groups next weekend so you can add you own blog content/articles.

Leave your feedback in on our forum.

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