1. noun: a shelter from danger or hardship.
  2. noun: a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced persons.

We like to think of our server as a place of refuge; somewhere free from smacktards.

ASY Arma II OA Server

ASY Server Rules

Main Rules

Our rules are quite simple and can be broken down into into the following list:

  • 1. No Teamkilling
  • 2. No Camping
  • 3. No Cheating

If you have an idea of what these mean then that is all that you need to remember! If you do not understand any of these rules they have been broken down into sub-sections to clarify all possiblities.

We have some other rules, which do not fit into any of these categories, ie. (4) General Rules. We then have some for our own members to follow: – (5) ASY Members.

1. No Teamkilling

1. No deliberate TK’s.
If you are caught deliberately killing a teammate, you will either be warned, or kicked it all depends upon the current mood of the admins.

2. No tk wars.
If someone tk’s you DO NOT tk back. If we catch people doing this they are usually both kicked.

3. Punish enabled.
Three punishes will get you a temporary, 5 minute ban from the server. (not really a rule) Do not punish if it was a genuine mistake or if the offender appologises. We frown upon trigger happy punishers.

2. No Camping

1. Uncapturable Flags
If you cannot take a flag, don’t camp there. You will be warned or kicked immediately.

2. Base camp exception.
Only a Special Ops player should enter the HQ to destroy assets. This should ideally be with light support, i.e. no armoured convoys, etc.

3. Artillery.
As tempting as it may be artillery is not allowed on the enemies HQ. If you have taken all the flags and all the enemy are stuck in their HQ you will be kicked if you are caught going for the easy kills. This includes artillery on the carrier on Wake, Omar and Dalian Plant.

4. Planes.
Plane attacks are acceptable on all HQ’s. Get on an AA or hummer and shoot the thing down instead of queuing up for your death while talking smack.

3. No Cheating

1. Cheats
Anyone found to be cheating by using a aimbot, wallhack or other cheat will be banned from the ASY server.

2. Exploits
Anyone found exploiting flaws in the game will receive a warning, or be banned.

3. Padding.
Do not abuse the points system. If anyone is suspected of padding they will be kicked immediately. Friends joining a server to knife each other on a maps corner will be banned. Do not cheat to get your medals, just because you suck. Our server records demos – if an admin finds you padding proof will be send to EA and your stats may end up being reset.

4. Bunny Hopping & Dolphin Diving.
Although very difficult to jugde we will kick/ban players in extreme cases. This has happened once with Eddie666 who many players were simply unable to hit. If you’ve got to exploit the collision model to win, we don’t want you on our server.

4. General

1. ASY Members get priority.
If the server is full and an ASY member is unable to connect we will kick someone at random to create a free slot. As is usually the case, anyone with a negative score is favourable at this point. We will also try not to kick other clan members if there is a group of them on together.

2. ASY tag.
People found playing under the =ASY= tag who are not members will be banned.

3. No recruiting.
We alone will recruit on our server, and we don’t like it when other clans try to recruit here. We ask that clans respect our wishes. Any clans that are caught recruiting will be warned. Our server is not an iRC channel for you to recruit in.

4. Auto Balance
Auto Balance is enabled, although it does not work well with the Team Switching Mod. All we ask is that you play a round out as each side. When the round ends everyone is swopped not just you! You cannot go USMC twice – besides it’s boring without change.

5. Swearing
We ask that all players refrain for using accessive amounts of bad language. We may only recruit people over the age of 18 but children may be on the server so try to control yourself. Repeatative offensive swearing may resuly in you being kicked. Swearing at other members through the ingame VOIP is also unacceptable.

6. Player Names
Anyone seen using racist, or offensive names may be kicked. This includes single character names such as period(.) or players with silly coloured names especially red & orange.

7. Commanding
If you are going to command, please make use of the teamplay aspect of the game. Enable VOIP and make use of the map system. Commanders who fly helicopters or jets will be mutinied as they are a waste of space.

5. ASY Members

1. All ASY Members must abide by our own rules.
Members who play under our clan tag must abide by our rules. Remember when playing under our tag you represent our clan.

2. If ASY members are found not following our own rules – let us know.
If we receive any complaints about any ASY members we will investigate and punish them accordingly.

3. Failure to follow rule may result in clan dismissal.
Any member not abiding by these rules will be warned about your conduct, if you ignore the warning you will be kicked from the clan. These rules represent Asylum Industries so it is your duty to up hold them.

4. This is ASY’s server.
ASY members pay for this server. Asking ASY members to leave or voting to kick an ASY member may result in an instant ban. If you try to vote off an ASY Member you will be warned or kicked without warning.

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