1. noun: a shelter from danger or hardship.
  2. noun: a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced persons.

We like to think of our server as a place of refuge; somewhere free from smacktards.

ASY Arma II OA Server

Left 4 Dead 2: The passing - out now!

Left 4 Dead - The PassingIt's been a much discused topic throughout internet gaming forums for the past few months, and finally we get to find out which of the original Left 4 Dead survivors didn't make it!  Three of the characters from the original Left 4 Dead will be joining the survivoors in Left 4 Dead 2 to take part in The Passing

Teamspeak 3 client update - Beta20

A new release has been announced for the Teamspeak 3 beta.

Check out the full update log here on the forums:-

Your client should auto-update but if not visit the Teamspeak downloads page.

Teamspeak 3

Veterans site back online

The Battlefield veterans site seems to be back online. Sort of.

The web address has changed and it has timed-out several times so far and given me errors while trying to add BF2 to my list of titles.

Still worth a go in the hopes that you can gain access to the M1 Garand.

New ASY Website Launches

New Site is up and running here:
We've restyled it a fair bit and it's not got all of the old content up there but it's a good start.

ASY Home page

Old ASY Site can still be accessed here for the time being.

Jof has used the BFBC2 artwork for most of the designs and then worked in loads of uk flags/grunge images we came up with last time but never got round to using.

ASY Bad Company 2 Server Online Now

No news for quite some time but here is some damn good news.

Thanks to =ASY=Lozzyho we now have our very own 24 Player Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server.

If you want to come and join us for a match you should bookmark our new server IP Address:

ASY Clan Bad Company 2 Server

Battlefield 1943 Announced

Battlefield 1943 will feature three popular maps from the original 1942 classic - Wake Island, Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal.

Visit the official website:


Battlefield 1943 Logo


New Teamspeak Server

Our old server has expired and we've gone and purchased a new one.
Members please log into the forum for complete access info.
TS Server IP =

TS Hosed?

If you need your user account creating please contact either:
gavjof, jofgav, CtJackal, TenaciousD, ridgway, asyfrates

ASY Clan Meet 2007

It's a quiet weekend this week on the =ASY= front. Most of the clan are up north for the second offical ASY clan meet. This years event is staged up north and the venues include Sunderland, Washington and Newcastle. I write this on day 3 of the meet and so far there has been a lot of beer consumed. It's great to see the lads from last year again, and also nice to have the oppotunity to meet the other new recruits.

If you're looking to catch any games with us you'll have a hard time. Expect more online 'activity' after Sunday/Monday...

Not just a BF2 clan

Just a quick word to say that we no longer see Battlefield 2 as our main game, and it's probably been this way for a few months now. BF2 is showing its age, and although most of =ASY= still play it on a regular basis we are still looking for the 'next' best thing.

Those of you wishing to join are still very welcome but we just want to make you aware that this BF2 clan are more of a multi-gaming clan now. Other games we play include:

  1. ArmA (Armed Assault)

ASY Clan Recruiting UK Members

UK Battlefield Clan Members Wanted !

We are looking to expand our numbers a bit at the moment.
Ideally we're hoping to to gain around half a dozen more clan members to help fill out the ranks.

If you're based in the UK and over the age of 18 years and wish to join a clan for some fun and games then read on. 

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